He learned piano and Go from the latter half of elementary school to the first half of high school, and Go has participated in Japan's national tournament three times as a representative of the team competition in Saga Prefecture. In high school, he participated in wind ensembles and jazz bands as a percussionist and learned the joy of music. In 2020 he was awarded the "Douglas Fairchild Music Award" for his contributions to the orchestra.

He was interested in fields such as software and took a computer science class, which is an elective course in high school.

Shintaro Murase is bilingual in Japanese and English. Born in Nakama City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, and grew up in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. He is a college student at Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS).

He attended a kindergarten in Tsukuba until he was five years old. After that, he attended the International School of Geneva (ECOLINT) in Switzerland, where he learned the importance of multiculturality and diversity in an English environment he had never known before.

From the second half of the 4th grade of elementary school, he attended public elementary and junior high school in Takeo. He learned the Japanese language which he was starting to lose in Switzerland. He was also able to touch on the local Japanese dialects, and festivals, which can be never experienced in any other places.

From late junior high school to high school, he transferred to the United Nations International School in New York City and relearned the English language that he almost lost in Saga. He graduated from high school education and IB courses. During his school life, he also managed a number of clubs and learned the importance of leadership.

He spent his childhood in Ibaraki and his childhood in Geneva, Switzerland, and Saga, Japan. He traveled around the world and experienced many different cultures. He is currently living and attending high school in New York, USA. He is interested in fields such as software and is taking computer science classes, which are electives in high school. He also plays percussion instruments in the school's wind ensemble and jazz band. Last year he was trusted in the orchestra and won the "Douglas Fairchild Music Award". He also contributes to several student-led clubs at school, such as being a president of the Junior United Nations of Calligraphy (JUNOC), the vice president of the Computer Science Club (CSC), the publicity manager of the UNISVerse, and the co-president of Japanese Cultural Club (JCC). He is also focusing on club activities with the co-manager of (JCC). He learned piano and Go from the latter half of elementary school to the first half of junior high school, and for Go, he participated in three national tournaments in Japan as a representative of the team competition of Saga Prefecture.